Wednesday, February 25, 2009

Two marvelous Jewish Sites



I do hope you will listen to the marvleous Messianic songs and also the
excellent teaching of Larry Feldman.
Especially about the Feast of Hannuaka and the Macabees.
So revelant towards the coming of the Messiah Yeshua for G-ds people and
the whole of the world.....


Anonymous said...

Hi Freye, so sorry you couldn't read my post. I am good, about to head to the dentist for a filling ugh. I had a blogspot here but left due to no response from other bloggers only one and she comes to my Xanga Lisa Ann... she is a wonderful lady you might want to visit her. I hope to come back often just in a hurry today...have a blessed day.


SECESSUS said...

Hi Freye, I got a message from you on yahoo. I really don't get on that site too often. I do have a gardening blog on here. Go to and I have a devotional blog on myspace. Go to
Hope to see you there!